At ITRC we organize faculty training program at regular intervals to train the Faculties & equip them with the latest trends, update them with latest technology, and to present various ideas as to the types of activities that could be included in the classroom according to the available resources.
The field of computers is very dynamic and ever changing, hence the need of updating arises. To ensure that the faculties keep in touch with the latest, regular training classes and seminars are held for them to keep them updated with the latest happenings in the industry. ITRC also have a team of mentors who are responsible for taking feedbacks from the authorized training centers in order to analyze the training need and conduct the faculty training programs accordingly.
Faculty training programs are organized every year in the lean session at Indore head office. The trainings programs are of short duration which ranges between 5 full days to 15 full days depending upon the complexity of the program. The participants are mostly the ITRC Center heads and their faculties. These are residential programs and the head office bears the whole cost of the training. The trainers are mostly from industry experts or college professors which add to the quality of training. The aim of such trainings is two fold. Firstly our aim is to make our center heads aware about the latest trends in the industry so that they can guide their students in the rural areas who otherwise are not exposed to current market scenario. Secondly, through these trainings the centers are able to launch new courses which increase their revenue. These trainings also help in reducing the cost of education to the students residing in the remote areas as they can get the latest courses in IT locally and do not have to relocate themselves to cities & towns thereby saving the cost incurred on commuting and/or lodging and boarding.

The Steering committee of ITRC is responsible for giving study center. The committee consists of four members from various depts. On receipt of application, the steering committee comes into action. After the set establishment criteria are met, inspection is conducted before issuing the authorization letter from the head office.

The various courses of ITRC have been designed by keeping in view the demand of the market and the current trend and are updated on regular basis. Academic research wing is responsible for the various works related to it. The committee consists of learned academicians from University, people from industry, professionals like Chartered Accountants and MBAs, career counselors and experts of the subject. The committee members from industry guide the designing of syllabus as per the market demand, which is then further designed in detail by the experts.



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