Murtaja Ali Bawahir ,Mandleshwar

“I am running the Computer Training Centre of ITRC since last 8 years. While associated with the centre, I felt that, not only this is a good and respectable source of my bread and butter, but it gives me immense satisfaction that I am providing platform to many youths, who are capable and wish to perform in the life. So many students of my centre now settled in the city and when they came to my village, they offer me much respect and convey their feelings that what-so-ever they achieved in their life, its all credit goes to my computer training centre. “ -

Manish Gupta, Barwani
“I am from very backward area. My one well-wisher suggested me to take franchisee of ITRC my experience with ITRC shows that placement of this company is very active and effective. They are helping much in proper placing the students of centre and with the help of head quarter placement cell, my many students are working in the city.” - 

Ajit Rai, Dindori
“I am having franchisee of ITRC last 2-3 years. One thing I mark in this period that officials and management of ITRC is very honest, dedicated & patiently hear the problem of the franchisee holder and provide proper solutions of them. Initially I was not much serious to my job, but when once I met with the President of ITRC at headquarter, I was so motivated that I fully focused on my centre now and there is no doubt in my mind about my success in future.” –

Sanjay Gupta, Khargone.
“I am associated with computer education business since last 7-8 years. I took franchisee of big shot companies in this area but my business was not up to my satisfaction. One day I casually visited Head Quarter of ITRC and told them that – let me see the response by putting your company’s board on my centre- and it was magic! Within a month the new registration figure was 42. Today I am having over 300 students and I left all the franchisees except ITRC.” -

Sunil Rathore, Dhar.
“I have taken the franchisee of ITRC Just 1 year back and whole heartily involving myself to establish my centre. I am getting full and every support from the ITRC Company and I believe that very shortly my centre will start earning handsomely.” -

Pankaj Chaturvedi , Amanganj.
“Before taking the franchisee of ITRC I was having franchisee of another computer training institute. Even though I was having basic knowledge of computers and putting my all efforts in the centre, my achievements were very poor. Then I shifted to ITRC, I am getting full and all around support from company’s head quarter like advertisements support and high standard study material and therefore now my progress is much faster. Sometime I regret that why I wasted my precious time with other company.”-

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