Unit - 1: Introduction to Computer Fundamentals (10 Hours)
IT Concepts: -Definition of Computers, Characteristics of computer - Speed, Diligence, Accuracy, Versatility, Storage, Basic Applications of Computers, Concept of Hardware and Software, Components of computer Hardware and software, Computer Memory - Primary, secondary, RAM & ROM, units of memory, Input/output devices.

Unit 2 :-Introduction to windows and its Accessories (15 Hours)
Basic components of windows, Icons, types of icons, Taskbar, Activating Windows, Moving & Scrolling Windows, Using your desktop, title bar, Minimize, Maximize & close Buttons, Running Applications.
Exploring your Computer.- Managing files & folders, creating folders, finding files & folders, opening & renaming files & folders, copying, deleting and moving files & folders Painting Pictures With Paint brush¬
Introduction to paintbrush:-Opening an existing picture, starting a new picture, basic painting techniques, Setting the foreground & background colours. Using Painting Tools:-Tool box, palette, Curve tool, Rectangle tool, Brush Tool. Manipulating areas of pictures:-Selecting an area, Moving an area, flipping & rotating Selections, Inverting Colours, Stretching & Shrinking area, Zooming a picture

UNIT 3 :-Microsoft Word MS-Power Point MS –Excel (50 Hours)
Microsoft Word:
Creating & Editing Text-Opening a document, Selecting & Moving Text, Editing with Cut, Copy & Paste, Undo & Redo, Spell Check
Formatting Text: - Font Level Formatting, Aligning Text, Working with Tabs, Indents, Change Case, Bullets and Numbering, line spacing.
Working with tables: Creating a table, adding text to tables, adding/deleting rows and columns, resizing rows and columns, deleting a table. Inserting Word art and clip art, Page Setting and Printing. Microsoft PowerPoint: ¬
Creating a Presentation: - creating a new presentation using different layouts, changing the text formats, adding bullets, aligning text
Customizing Presentation: -Formatting Slides - Using Color Schemes, Background Color and Special Effects, Background Styles, Adding Pictures/Graphics on Slide, Adding Header and Footer, Slide show.
MS Excel: ¬
Introduction to Excel, What is Excel, Starting Excel, Opening a workbook, Getting to know the Excel Screen, moving around the Excel Screen, saving/closing of a workbook, opening a recently used workbook, Getting help with the office assistant, Exiting Excel.
Creating & Editing Workbooks:- Creating New Workbooks, Entering Data, Selecting, Moving & Deleting Cells, Cut ,Copy, Paste, using undo, redo, Find & Replace.

UNIT 4: Introduction to Internet (5 Hours)
What is Internet, History of Internet, Advantages of Internet, World Wide Web, E-mail, web browser, types of Internet ACCESS, search information.

UNIT 5:- Twinge Practice (10 Hours)
Hands on Experience for Typing practice


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