The various courses of ITRC have been designed by keeping in view the demand of the market and the current trend and are updated on regular basis. Academic research wing is responsible for the various works related to it. The committee consists of learned academicians from University, people from industry, professionals like Chartered Accountants and MBAs, career counselors and experts of the subject. The committee members from industry guide the designing of syllabus as per the market demand, which is then further designed in detail by the experts.


We at ITRC understand the needs of the students of urban as well as rural area. Since hindi is spoken and understood in major part of central India, we have come up with bilingual study material which is in hindi as well as in English. Because of the format adopted in the study material, it is equally useful for students and faculties.


All the students who take admissions in various courses of ITRC are registered at the head office at Indore. Exam of these students is taken by head office once their course is complete. The exam process is completely centralized and strictly controlled. Exam is conducted in the presence of one external and practical & viva is taken by the external or an expert in the subject from the head office. Answer sheets are sealed and sent to head office for evaluation.

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